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Landscape Maintenance

A bit of landscaping can renovate your whole yard.

We will work with you to achieve a landscape that is visually impeccable and pleasing to you. By improving curb appeal, quality landscaping may increase the overall value of your property. Be proud of the land around you and satisfied with the way your yard looks.

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Landscaping Process

Morton Tree covers all of your general landscape maintenance needs. From planting, to removal of trees, flowers, bushes, etc. We will incorporate your ideas with our professional suggestions to plan what is best to maintain your landscaping. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

For your landscape design needs, we work in collaboration with Blue Stem Designs of Portland, OR. Check out their website at You can also contact them by e-mailing

More Services

We offer a wide array of consulting services, including any Arborist need you may have.

A stump left from a felled or fallen tree can be unsightly and inconvenient. We can remove it.

Morton provides experienced precision pruning for beautiful and defined hedges.

Fragile or splitting trees or branches may be cabled to both preserve the tree and prevent storm damage.

Do you want to remove that tree before it removes itself? We can do that.

Trees may require pruning for a variety of reasons, and, whatever the reason, we are happy to help.