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Tree Pruning

tree-pruningTrees may require pruning for a variety of reasons, and, whatever the reason, we are happy to help.

Pruning not only improves the appeal of your yard, but can also be crucial to the health of your trees and the safety of your property, as well as the definition of your property lines. We are dedicated to working with our customers to develop a customized plan, based on the individual needs of each yard. Our experienced pruners use only the most proven arboriculture practices to ensure a professional job, every time.

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Pruning Objectives

Pruning objectives should be established prior to beginning any pruning operation. ANSI A300 pruning standard provides two basic objectives:

  1. Hazard Reduction Pruning Hazard Reduction Pruning (HRP) is recommended when the primary objective is to reduce or remove a visibly defined hazard in a tree with a specific potential target. For example, HRP may be the primary objective if a tree has many dead limbs over a park bench.
  2. Maintenance Pruning (MP) is recommended when the primary objective is to maintain or improve tree health and structure, and includes hazard reduction pruning. Pruning Types Crown Cleaning: Crown cleaning consists of the selective removal of one ore more of the following items: dead, dying, or diseased branches, weak branches, and water sprouts.

Crown Thinning: Crown thinning consists of the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement and reduce weight.

Crown Raising: Crown raising consists of the removal of the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance.

Crown Reduction or Crown Shaping: Crown reduction decreases the height and/or spread of a tree. Consideration should be given to the ability of the species in question to sustain this type of pruning.

Vista Pruning: Vista pruning is selective thinning of framework limbs or specific areas of the crown to allow a view of an object from a pre-determined point.

Crown Restoration: Crown restoration pruning should improve the structure, form, and appearance of trees which have been severely headed, vandalized, or storm damaged.

More Services

We offer a wide array of consulting services, including any Arborist need you may have.

Do you want to remove that tree before it removes itself? We can do that.

Morton provides experienced precision pruning for beautiful and defined hedges.

A stump left from a felled or fallen tree can be unsightly and inconvenient. We can remove it.

We will work with you to achieve a landscape that is visually impeccable and pleasing to you.

Fragile or splitting trees or branches may be cabled to both preserve the tree and prevent storm damage.